On Spiritual Pyrotechnics

Fireworks are lovely on occasion to enjoy the entertainment, the thrill, the excitement, but they are unfit to illuminate your house… and if you relied on them for that…you wouldn’t have a home for very long.


It is interesting… over the years I’ve realized that the deeper I go the more quiet, still, calm my experience of the Divine.

In my youth it was all spiritual pyrotechnics, extreme ritual, time spent discussing all we did.

But as I RIPENED – that all became… just… distracting. Needless. Too loud. Too illusory.

The potency of the reality and sweet communion being so much more fulfilling.

There’s a level of exquisite subtlety… sublime… rich… drenching – that is missed in the cacophony of exhibitionism driven spirituality.

Take a moment. Listen, the Divine whispers in the silence.

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In love,

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