What is your Growth Edge?

You want to be a Leader?
You want Authority?
Before you get either beloved you’ll be given more responsibility aka “work”.
How you respond to that, being a good steward of that, determines your eligibility for Leadership and Authority.
When you are given small things and can’t fulfill them, make excuses, compare to what others are doing, do a slip-shod job you are simply saying “I’m not a Leader” and “I can not be entrusted with Authority”
Because both are WORK.
Many are immature and think Leading and Authority is how you do nothing.
MOST people don’t see how the conditioning to “do the least” keeps them small.
Keeps them mediocre.
Undermines the greatness they seek and the Legacy they desire.
Most women don’t see how the interior mindset is affecting the external experiences- Always and All ways.
•If you’re not willing to go FIRST – which means being alone sometimes, being misunderstood and the Villain in the story – you’re not ready to Lead
•If you’re not ready to have Responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life- 100% – you’re not ready for Authority.
Which is your growth edge?