You don’t know how to date

You don’t know how to date.
Not how to date in a way that creates a strong solid foundation for Marriage.
Modern dating is all happenstance. And of course, this happenstance is furthered by the modern love niche.
A couple of generations of rom-com movies and overly sexualized cinema have created a very interesting belief.
You meet by accident – bump into each other at a coffee shop
You’re clueless and resistant he wins you over you can’t resist the chemistry between you
You have hot sweaty sex -its fabulous
You can tell the connection is deep and profound he’s the one
You get angsty and confused he chases you and brings you back
In the rain he proclaims his undying love and asks you to marry him.
You say yes
And you live happily ever after.
Yes the specifics may change but the TEMPLATE is the same and because you have few REAL LIFE MODELS you make your life fit into the fiction.
Over and over again.
It is time for something DIFFERENT.
There is a way to walk with the Magic and the Practice of finding the One.
Dating for Marriage.
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