Women in Business Part III – Polarity Pivot and Prosperity

We are living in a time where any concretized “the way it is” is being shaken to its core. Those who are used to “going along to get along” are being quickly pushed away from neutrality into Polarity.
Some Humans easily accept this Polarity- these are those who are outspoken and have often held unpopular opinions, some are pushed into the Polarity awakened by the fray and finding themselves on a mountain they are willing to die on for something too important to remain silent about.
A huge part of the Polarity shake up is the need to Pivot. It is said that in the process of evolution it is not the strongest that survive, not the biggest, not the most beautiful, not they that hide nor those that fly… it is that which possesses the GREATEST CAPACITY for adaptation.
This is the Pivot point.
Unlike animals, humans can CHOOSE to adapt or to remain in “the way things have been” . The difficult part is not the change the difficult part is the decision to Pivot and then the actions. Because it is not comfortable.
When you have a cushy job, a seven or eight figure enterprise, a content marriage, a cozy community and everything is very close to how you want it to be and Polarity Is inserted, you must Pivot.
You must adapt.
And that adaptation means CHANGE. Interestingly enough it also reveals where you THOUGHT you were out of survival Paradigm and where it still resides in your psyche and nervous system.
When you are fully out of the Survival Analog and into the Abundant Quantum that shift happens in a blink.
Blink. Pivot.
Blink. Pivot.
Blink. Pivot.
It requires access a lot of Personal Power to play that game and enjoy it.
You’re built for it or you wouldn’t be here at this time- yet you may not know it.
All of this radically informs on your prosperity. Because in this age, Prosperity comes from places it NEVER has before.
It comes from creating or selling to others the Singular Symbol that they value having.
•Non- not
•Fungible- exchangeable- capable of being used in place of another; capable of being replaced
•Token- Evidence, symbol, sign
It comes from Secret Flowing from one person to another
Crypto- secret, hidden
Currency- Flowing
It’s all on the block chain- a space where blocks of information are linked together using a hidden and secret language not available to the public.
Only to the ones that hold the secret codes.
These are the Modern Mysteries.
The new occult. (Occult means hidden)
The reality of the Oneness/Unity often spoken of is here and happening- yet it is a Polarized Oneness not a homogenized one as many seekers thought. (Yet the True Mystics have always known it would not be the deluded nirvana presented by the new age)
In the same matter we have other secrets that are Flowing. The Secret of upgraded consciousness, innovative Leadership, Lasting Legacy…
The desires for what was “Self improvement” a slow process of incremental growth has shifted into “Personal Development and Eternal evolution” a Quantum state of BEING
Dyadic Consciousnesses is a NEW CONSCIOUSNESS – like an NFT you receive via crypto currency in the Dyad Triad (a series of courses) and the Society.
The Imperial Standard is the newest OPERATING SYSTEM that allows you to integrate All of the pivots and adaptability with EASE.
Purpose has also gone Quantum but that’s a topic for later.
It’s time to step out of the comfort zone of concretized contentment and become part of the new Era of Leaders