“It is the Truth that all that is alive desires to take Action, All action is born of Desire, Desire motivates movement and is the nature of of all of creation”
I heard this one morning in Meditation.
As I turned my awareness to this statement I saw a baby seeing his toy on a counter… he begins to learn to stand in order to reach what he desires…
I saw a person creating a vehicle, because he desired to go faster than a horse could take him.
I sat with that, suckling at the Truth of it.
Then I saw the rose.
“Wait…” I thought
“A rose isn’t trying to do anything… it’s just being it’s rose-ness… hmmm… if there is an exception this isn’t a True TRUTH, it’s more of an idea…I’ll need to sit with this… and see what it means”
I got dressed and got into the Truck to go somewhere with my Beloved.
We began to talk and I started sharing with Him what I felt during my meditation earlier…
“But then there’s the Rose… it doesn’t want anything….”
I looked again and saw it…
The Rose wants to be pollinated.
It wants to reproduce.
“all perceived “BEING” is a by product of that Action, it is LIFe in process whose intentions and desire you do not know or understand”
All that we see and observe and experience as the ISNESS of “rose” all that benefits us… is born of the Roses’ desire and nature to reproduce.
“YES… and that desire…for reproducing is born of abundance… and it is why you take every action… it is the driver for cosmic movement – We have said “Let Us make Man in Our Own Image…” and because you are ALSO us… you seek to make the World in Yours… and it is good – when it is good.”
~Sri Namaste Moore
The Book of Days