You’ve Been Captive

I spent decades in the church where the glorification of woundedness and unworthiness is confused with holiness.

It is this history that enables me to see so clearly this same distortion in many conscious/spiritual/human potential spaces.

Well known coaches and educators all sharing this belief that we are all wounded.
All the time.
We all have baggage
All the time.
We all have work to do …
All the time…

It’s narciscism in spiritual vestments.

And I’m saying No.
It’s not true.

Every wound heals… it may not heal without a scar, a pucker or an indentation but it does eventually HEAL.

Infection isn’t normal it’s a deviation away from normalcy.

All baggage can be unpacked or thrown away.

At some point you do get to REST.

See it’s all about the lens you’re looking through…

Being a human trying to be spiritual means you’re constantly failing. F**king up. Unworthy. Sinful. No matter what you don’t DESERVE good things. No matter what you’re flawed, broken…inept.

No wonder depression is at an all time high. THAT mindset is freaking depressing.



When you understand you ARE Divinity, localized having a human experience… then the game becomes FUN.

Because you can not mess it up. You play with modalities, tools, practices, techniques because they are FUN, they are delightful, they feel good… not because you need saving. Even things that happen that you didn’t plan and didn’t necessarily want become something interesting to play with.
Dance with.
Opportunities knocking to join the party
Not punishment.
Not lessons covered in blades and broken glass.

Time out for that.
You’ve been captive baby, and we’re here that you might be FREE.

Supra, Omnia, Amate,

Baba Richard and Sri Namaste – The Infinite Couple