“BUT THERE is an artistry and genius to what you do…”

This is what was said to me by a client after reading a recent FB post where I spoke directly to the fluff of modern day business creation.
I get it.
Everything in the InfiniteLife Universe in carefully curated. Our genius is given free reign and we desire our clients and students to experience personal growth and eternal evolution that is replete with mystery, beauty, magic and luxury.
To live their own Grand Adventure
Those things are our added touch.
The crème de la crème.
Yet the meal is the mastery because only the mastery is what you can live and we can offer without there being an issue on one side or the other.
Without Mastery (lived experience in correct application) you teach/Coach theory or someone ELSE’S experience that, because it is not your OWN- challenges you in ways that you aren’t ready to deal with.
For example if a new mother attempts to be Parenting Coach. She’s offering book Knowledge at best and now she is being tried by that Truth.
When a new couple that tries to Coach on relationships ends up struggling in their relationship or breaking up… because it’s THEORY for them
It’s easy to see- a new driver shouldn’t teach driving. They don’t have the acumen to do so.
Even if they have an interest it isn’t ripened yet to BENEFIT truly. Not the way a seasoned driver trained to teach would.
Passion does not make one a professional.
Interest and enthusiasm is not experience
This isn’t a punishment Beloved or an issue of deserving it’s simply how the Universe ensures Congruence.
The Pattern must be made Matter, the abstract idea made into living flesh, the theory proved in your life.
Like unto itself is drawn
Creation happens from the inside out only mimicry happens from the outside in.
All of which is to say we do not demonize artistry. We ARE artists, genius and magic…
This all woven into Mastery is what makes it Monetizable with no Prostitute.
It’s time for entrepreneurs, creators and coaches to ensure our clients and the world are receiving the REAL…the Honest and the TRUTH we are through the Mastery we hold.