Uncomfortable Truths

You may not like these, they may trigger you and cause you to seek the “exception” which is expressed via “what about…”, “I agree but…”, etc;
1. A person being an adult, capable and responsible for their own decisions can not then cry “wolf” when they regret those decisions.
2. Brain washing doesn’t exist.
3. Co-Dependency is a Myth.
4. Narcissism is VERY RARE – .5% of the population. Some people simply don’t see what you see.
5. Social Justice activists need victims so they can have a purpose.
6. Melanin is not a super power
7. The fixation on Killing and Cannibalising our Elders, Leaders, Wealthy and Men for Power is the Woman Wound in full view.
8. Men if you’re not ready to say no, you’re not ready to be in a relationship with a woman. Woman if you’re not ready to be told no, you’re not ready to be in a relationship with a man.
9. Being a Billionaire is not a crime. Nor does it mean anyone is OWED a part of those billions
10. Men and women are DIFFERENT. Males and Females are DIFFERENT. A man is an adult human male. A woman is an adult human female. Males have small fast moving gametes. Females have large slow moving gametes. This is a dictionary and a biologic definition.
11. Number 10 is truth, AND you are free to play and have whatever experience you want to have with your humanity.
12. The government is not a glorified parent who is supposed to take care of everyone in the country.
13. Women demand the right to make their decisions and be treated as equal and also desire men to take responsibility for the less than desirable outcomes of these decisions.
14. The ability to murder is not healthcare.
15. Many women are actually little girls in adult bodies.
16. Most allopathic healthcare is theory and hypothesis packaged as Truth.
17. You’re still free to go to the doctor.
18. Most alternative healthcare creates dis-embodiment.
19. Yoga was meant for men. Most westerners don’t practice Yoga they practice performative contortionism.
20. YOU are 100% responsible and authoritative in your LIFE- for every single aspect of your life without exception. Welcome to Human Adulthood.
I encourage you to explore what triggers you about a statement made without the exception, without the disclaimer, without space for quibbles… and then ask what aspect of YOU feels marginalized that you are attempting to accept through speaking out for the “exception” in other circumstances.
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