Boys Chase, Men Hunt

Understanding the difference…

I’m going to teach about something that may challenge many. This requires a high level of spiritual maturity and a low level of trigger response so if you don’t have that please don’t read further. Any debates will be swiftly removed to maintain the potency of this word

Let us begin…


Ladies… Boys chase, men hunt.

Boys don’t expect to actually catch the girl and if they did they wouldn’t know what to do with her. Chasing leads with the belly. It says “I’d like to get you”.

Men in the other hand, are patient..focused…intentional and know exactly the Prey they seek and often are simply where that prey tends to congregate and once caught know what to do with it. Hunting leads with the eyes, shoulders and claws. It says “I desire to consume you”.

Girls like to be chased, it’s a form of practice…but women- on a deep gut level – understand being prey.

One of the shadows – that was made a shadow by modern culture – is the desire to be prey.

This is in our Feminine collective…To be hunted and captured.

Modern women have had this instinct and longing shamed into deep shadow… We’ve been taught that we don’t want that. That to do so is indicative of some sort of dysfunction.

That this new Feminine is cool, sterile, neutral…in control.

All the while under our skin is something raw…untamed…passionate.

Something that we can’t name…

Something that looks for the raw Masculine to meet it. To engage in a dance as ancient as Time itself, filling Space itself with

Throat bared. Back arched.

But we deny it. Try to cover it with pseudo spirituality and faux Intellect…when it is the most Holy and Intelligent thing in existence.

In our denial we make it dense and refuse to bring it into light…and so it becomes…


And like all shadows when we do not acknowledge it…it comes out in ways that are painful.

We love you,

Baba Richard and Sri Namaste – The Infinite Couple