On Relinquishing Maidenhood

Dear Student,

“Many women struggle with being mothers because no one taught them they must relinquish being maidens FIRST”

A woman who is still a maiden and becomes a mother will often revert to adolescence in her behavior towards her child’s father. Demanding he be a father, but not realizing the demand is that he become the “Daddy” she always wanted, not the Father her children need.

She often perceives him as aloof, distant, unfeeling, uncaring, negligent and the like…

While she wants to feel cared for, nourished, protected, held, tended to.

Do you see it now my loves? She becomes the child.. attempting to hold on to her former state and unwilling to transition.

A woman who has learned to be a Wife/Queen first… has relinquished her maiden status, and so is better able to stand as a mother. She has entered into PARTNERSHIP not mere relationship – and so is able create from her full cup.

A woman who has not… projects her own desires on the child, the child becomes a mirror and magnifying glass of her own immaturity – she then demands the Masculine partner become Neutral or Feminine so she can get her needs met.

Modern culture primes women for remaining in this immature state by promoting the idea of Maiden/Mother (or even virgin mother…) a mother who has a child yet has not been known by a man. Many reject the religious connotations of this yet live it day to day anyway.

Understand my love… when a Masculine Man becomes a father… his Masculine sense of protection and provision goes on OVERDRIVE.

What women often perceive as dis-interest is actual focus. He becomes more anchored, more determined…
A “daughter” will not understand why “daddy” had to work hard, but a wife’s job is to see the vision and respect and appreciate the WHY. It’s a higher degree of maturity, responsibility and with that comes authority.

SHE is the heart and emotion… when a woman has learned to be a Wife first- she makes this transition easier… but if she didn’t become a wife then she has not learned the responsibility that comes with the Authority of Grown Woman Positions, and so the intensity of birth throws her into a tailspin…

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In love,


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