On Masculine Vulnerability

I feel bad for men who think they have to be in touch with an inner feminine Embodiment to understand vulnerability and authenticity. Co-Opting Femininity from Feminine Beings will not teach Masculine men vulnerability…

Learning Masculine Vulnerability will.

Think of it this way…

The Yoni is vulnerable and authentic in its receptivity, contracting and inward expansion, in its absorbing and surrounding

The Lingam is ALSO vulnerable and authentic…DIFFERENTLY. It is vulnerable in its giving, penetrating, thickening and outward expansion, in its EXpressing and permeating.

It is easy to have a distortion here and to believe one is vulnerable and the other is not. In truth both are expressions of Divine Vulnerability is Complementary and Distinct form.

This is why it is a distortion to believe that the way to help a man experience true vulnerability is to penetrate him. For heterosexual men it is entirely possible for him to experience a profound vulnerability from the Absolute acceptance and welcoming of his penetrating and permeating presence without resistance.

Most women don’t truly know in the body how to offer this. But it is possible to learn.

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In love,


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