What You Have Called Your Destruction Is Only A Deep Invitation

A Message From the Feminine

You have not many mothers my loves.

And because you have not been mothered you have not received the lessons in the Feminine that are a mother’s to give.

You are still longing to be protected and innocent. While you are told to make grandiose proclamations of empowerment and being a warrior…within you is a small and fragile starving little girl.

This is why many of you have become seekers…not of Me, but of Salvation…. running from one teacher to another, one body of work to another, leaving a trail of accusations in your wake…

This is why they all fail in your eyes.

No one held you…no one taught you….no one lived up to what your expectations were…

And so…”they are false.” You say…

False saviors who crushed your alabaster box yet offered no redemption.

How dare they be mere men and women”.

And now you have grown and begin to birth others teaching them to carry your wounds

Projecting your pain into your daughters experiences.

Generational distortion carried on under the guise of Feminine Avatars and Goddesses…

Calling your confusion Sophia, Your judgement Ma’at, your victimization Magdalen, your chaos Shakti…

You call your Pain by my Name.

You anchor your distortion and Enliven it. True idolatry woven into women’s spaces that carry within them a Deep distrust and devaluing of the Feminine.

You give practices and rituals in the frequency of victim…anger…shame …unknowingly driving the infection deeper into the human Feminine psyche.

I call you to see.
I call you to see.

It is time my darling daughter to put down the garment of martyrdom that you’ve mistaken for the Robes of a Priestess.

To release your disappointment and anger that you’ve mistaken for KaliMa’s Fire.

To remove the Helmet of judgment that clouds your mind and is confused with a Queens crown.

My love…open your eyes to the truth of what you really are…recognize that the process of your returning is all together holy.

All. Together.

What you have called your destruction is only a deep invitation.
You have tried to build castles and empires on your story of pain…when you are truly called to come up higher.

To where the truth of your BEING resides.

I see you free.
I see you whole.
I see the real YOU.

Come Home to Me.

Message given to :
~Sri Namaste Moore the Feminine Alchemist.

Permission to share freely granted with proper attribution.


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