Teaching Your Daughter

Dear mama,

You have a responsibility to teach your daughter not only that she can do anything…but to take responsibility for what she does.

Teach her the courage of her station…not only that she has ability…but the Wisdom of what she does with it.

Help her come into herself…by being an example of what A Whole woman looks like. How she loves. How she embraces the world.

Teach her comfort in a lack of control.
Contentment in being…

Water deep roots in her by not needing her to validate YOU.

Let her witness your tears…often…without a story of wrongdoing…just because…

This will teach her the nature of women…which is to leak… And will make being a fountain a natural thing.

Before she gives you grandchildren…lead her into her own womb so that she knows where home is and how to find her way there…

Give her the Mystery of being an invitation…and the power thereof.

Stroke her hair and rub her with oil as you chant in words beyond language… So that you may bring her into intimate union with her own body… And that knowing is beyond intellect.

As your hair turns gray dearest mother…let her watch you ripen…season…refine…
Become more fascinated with yourself every year and she will look forward to her own seasons…

And let her see you love the Masculine…that she might have the courage to do so as well…whether that Masculine is her father, her husband…or her son.

Dive deeper into the All that is…where she can see and hear your authentic and innocent explorations…

Let her hear you ask questions and be at ease not knowing the answers…so she will know that it is okay to not know…and not knowing doesn’t lessen her.

You asked to connect with the Feminine…and you needed a reason…here it is…now go mother…

Become your Self…so she may become hers.

I love you, darling.

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In Love,


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