Dyadic Mystery Teachings

The Cloistering and the Hermetic Seal are vital to Dyadic Consciousness.
They are also the tests that cause the ejection of “Powerful” women from the Dyadic Field.
The unwillingness to Dissolve into the Unseen and to Contain.
The tendency is to think she is doing it when she is in fact doing precisely the opposite.
Women who seek power enjoy the fanfare, the attention and the Extension of their will into the world.
Even when she is holding something she holds it until SHE decides to release it.
Even when she withdraws it is until SHE decides to be seen
And so… The Cloistering and the Hermetic Seal is the most challenging…because she has no control.
For only HE enters her Sanctum Sanctorum.
Only HE can decide what is allowed in the Sanctuary
And ONLY HE can release her to flow into the world.
Deeper still…this is not an automatic KNOWING for every man. Many men don’t know how to hold this or do this because this Knowing Had Been Lost to them.
So great is their need or desire to receive the BENEFIT of her and the ACCOLADES available via their union that He focuses on her being OUT IN THE WORLD before He has made Her orientation- HIM.
Without competition.
The tendency for WOMEN to either judge Him unworthy OR to Project ability into Him simply because she loves him…Makes this all the more complex.
Love doesn’t thrive in an environment of LIES.
Everyone has space to learn and grow.
True love is the willingness to Grow TOGETHER.
To take the journey with Him and to submit to His imperfection not the idealized mythos of Him masquerading as respect.
Many women want to be the Instrument that the Master plays.
Yet what if that means also being the Instrument through which the Novice obtains His Mastery?
That too is part of the story.
In for a penny, in for a pound.
The Future is Present as eternity goes ‘Round.