On Confusing Fear with Awakening

Oh, beloved student…

Please do not be dismayed…

The current distortion has many people confusing intimidation with compassion and fear with Awakening.

The egos great fear of death, alienation and being “bad” has many spiritual leaders falling on their sword apologizing for things they haven’t done, believing they can heal something…

As if there’s anything to heal…

It is hubris masquerading as humility…(and doesn’t it look Fabulous in sackcloth and ashes?)

Meanwhile, the egos of the “victims” keep them spinning in the loop of “someone hurt me someone help me”…Believing this is most certainly a better path to connection than coming out of the closet as the powerful being you are.

I see you.

Understand my darling Feeling what another person feels doesn’t make that feeling Truth, Correct, or Holy…it just entangles you in another person’s story…auditions you for a part in their play.

Compassion, connection, and transformative experience does not require the enmeshment of your emotions and the sacrifice of your peace and equanimity.

To see the truth of this take 24 hours. Turn off your internet, do not read any books, do not type or write, do not speak to anyone else. Attempt as often as possible to have no Thoughts, to access no Story, Stay out of your head. Drink water and eat fruit.

Notice how the Clutter clears…

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In love,


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