On Identity and Playing Dressup

Happy Saturday my loves!!!

Part of childhood is playing “house” where your dress up and pretend to be adults. This isn’t fake, its a potent way of the young one integrating into their being what this culture is and what their place is in it, through practicing they try on roles.

This is part of childhood.

A Mothers role is to cultivate her self and get wisdom to such an extent that she does not need validation and so does not project into the child permanence based on the roles they may play with. Not permanence in temperament, nor function etc. ; just watch…observe…and see. THEN guide.

As below so above.

In spiritual growth, it is common for young ones to play dress up as well. To try on the accouterments of those they admire and to see how they “fit”. This is often how many find their spiritual gifts, calling, PURPOSE. Simply by trying on many.

The problem now is that this “play” which would normally take place within a closed container of those older, more experienced, who love you and understand what’s going on…is now happening in a more public way.

There are grand pronouncements “I am THIS” of something that is only a part of the process, immediately followed by the creation of “products” to sell or HUGE changes in one’s life…all announced to people one has never met.

This is because there is no community to hold the Seeker. There is no fellowship to welcome the Awakening ones …and so everything becomes THE THING…

• Mere interest is construed as identity…
• Many are channeling the pain of others and believing it Ancestors and Evolved energy…
• The concern is creating and protecting a brand not unraveling illusion…
• The newest social justice and socio-political war is seen as some righteous war…a complete distraction from what’s real…

The beginning of solving this is simple…

Slow down…you have time. The god of technology distorts this so that you perceive time as something that happens to you instead of something that you get to play with.

Leave The god of new… Everything new is not improved or evolved….much is just new. In a consumerist culture this is a problem…the idea of new (sometimes painted as new and ancient) causes many to believe this thing will solve the problem when often it’s just another mask for the symptoms…or (worse yet and more common) it is serving to make you believe something is a problem that really isn’t

You need community…you need it like air and breath and blood… I know beloved…being raised with very little of family has created the ultimate distortion and deception… That judgment and confidence can take the place of love and acceptance.

Allow space for growth. Not everything is forever. Not every message you receive is accurate and complete. The unwillingness to acknowledge this is the greatest disease of the 21st century. Creating more and more complex algorithms to hide the simple distortion of the original premise. When you allow space for growth you don’t just go to the next thing my loves… You also see the distortions that have arisen from the incorrect understanding and release them. This is what TRUE forgiveness is and what it offers you. Freedom from the fruit of the seed you accidentally planted.

Be nourished. Be free.

We love you.

-Sri Richard and Namaste – The Infinite Couple and School of Alchemy