There is a huge fallacy that the Feminine is higher, more enlightened, more empowered, more evolved than the Masculine.

Because this is assumed to be true it is not questioned and continues to propagate itself especially in spiritual circles.

The truth is that the Masculine and the Feminine – while whole alone – complete each other in partnership. This is why there is often a resistance to this completion and there is often a desire to cause the masculine to believe it does not need and is unaccepted by the feminine and the feminine to believe it is unsafe and abandoned by the masculine.

The reason the Masculine and the Feminine being in partnership is so potent, is because when in partnership we form a sustainable and cohesive UNIT. ONE Unit.

When not in partnership we are easy to control because our nature is communal. Without partnership we then tend to orient into groups of same essence, which creates imbalance. Groups of men and groups of women are easy to control even when they think they are not, a Masculine Feminine UNIT is impossible to control because there are no openings to “hook” into.

Again I must reiterate that we make a strong distinction in this time and age between Masculine and Feminine and yin and yang. While we all have both yin and yang energy active and moving within us – the vast majority of humans (over 98%) are oriented in EITHER Masculine essence or Feminine essence.

The Masculine and Feminine in partnership forming one UNIT then form the building blocks of a rising society because each unit -connects and collaborate with other units to benefit all. When however out of balance by only connecting in groups – they then begin to subjugate and go to war with the others.

This is the hidden truth – when out of balance with EACH OTHER on an individuated and intimate level Masculine OR Feminine will ALWAYS subjugate and attack the others.

While the tendency at this time is to orient towards the belief that this war and power-over tendency is entirely Masculine- do not be deceived my loves- this is available within the Feminine as well – it simply LOOKS different.

The solve, the evolution, the TRUTH is that the Masculine Feminine Unit is what the soul/True self is longing for and it is being distorted by this misinterpretation of inner (alone) Masculine Feminine balance. It is like believing you don’t need additional calcium because you have bones. Or you don’t need water because your body is made of water. You are INDIVIDUATED divinity which LONGS for its complement – ACCEPT it and stop fighting against your very nature.

The Masculine Feminine Unit in actualized form literally catalyzes each other just by proximity. A chain reaction occurs through every level of being that opens portals and anchors TRUTH.

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