Dear Students,

Whenever something TRULY new shows up it requires that those familiar with the old cease to compare the new thing to what WAS and begin to truly engage with it based on what IT is.

Cars do not operate like horses.

Indoor plumbing is a far cry from using a hole in the ground.

Lightbulbs do not function like lamps and oil.

This concept is called “radical novelty”

It is much more than it at first appears, and it is one of the most CHALLENGING to truly grok when it comes to the Dyad.

Those with experience in the realm of Science and Technology may (perhaps) be able to understand this in part when you consider the issues with emerging technologies.

“The usual way in which we plan today for tomorrow is in yesterday’s vocabulary. We do so, because we try to get away with the concepts that we are familiar with and that have acquired their meaning in our past experience. … It is the most common way of trying to cope with novelty: by means of metaphors and analogies we try to link the new to the old, the novel to the familiar. Under sufficiently slow and gradual change it works reasonably well; in the case of a sharp discontinuity, however, the method breaks down: though we try to glorify it with the name “common sense”, our past experience is no longer relevant… One must consider one’s own past, the experiences collected, and the habits formed in it as an unfortunate accident of history, and one has to approach the radical novelty with a blank mind, consciously refusing to try to link it with the familiar, because the familiar is hopelessly inadequate. … Coming to grips with a radical novelty amounts to creating and learning a new foreign language that cannot be translated into one’s mother tongue.” ~Professor Edsger Dijkstra

While not a technology itself (although we do utilize metaphysical and quantum technologies) the Dyad is THE *newest* Consciousness and it is radically novel.

In like manner to language, where speech evolves into written language, yet computers and their language are a leap beyond all of it – The Dyad is a Leap in Human Consciousness.

It is the first Leap in Consciousness that is housed within 2 individuated expressions instead of One.

It is the how of humans return to True Life.

Divine expression.

Part 2 next…

Supra. Omnia. Amate.