Yesterday I wrote: “Spirit (Metaphysics) and (True) Science began as a Dyad and now they return to One.”

One of our students asked to understand what was True Science- here is our response to her:

True Science (as opposed to science as a god or religion) is simply the study and Seeking to know- the word Science meaning knowledge.

It builds testable, observable, quantifiable, duplicateable models and methods that can house standards, provide explanations, predictions and organize the knowledge for transference.

Basically its formulaic magic.

Because true Science SEEKS- it requires that all real Scientists are inherently curious (not cynical), recognize the limitations of what is known (instead of presumptuous about what is known), are willing to change when new knowledge is found (instead of doubling down on the veracity of the previous understanding), and questioning of self knowledge while excited about the edges into the unknown.

True Scientists then seek the Mystery because it provides an opportunity to understand and know. To play the game of Science.

This separates the truly great Scientists from those who use science to replace religion (the vast majority of people)

Most of those who consider themselves Science minded are simply Devotees to the Church of Science- where they have made Science All Knowing, All Trusting and Monotheistic- Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Science.

They are doing precisely what they accuse spiritual and religious people of doing- which is hiding and expecting God to save them- only the God is Science.

They consider Science to be a more benevolent and consistent god than the capricious and arbitrary gods of their youth.

Being a deity is not what True Science is… not what it originally attempted to do. It is a distortion of intent…

To be clear:

True Science is a Servitor of Truth not the Litmus Test and Judge of it.

True Science isn’t antithetical to Spirituality and scientific processes and methods applied to spiritual practice and understanding can create profoundly crisp, disciplined, exquisitely complex expressions of spiritual truth.