Part 2:
Dear students,
Here is the Truth-
The Feminine belongs to Women and Women to the Feminine.
The Masculine belongs to Men and Men to the Masculine.
Men and Women belong to each other as the Masculine and Feminine belong to each other. The two being the individuated Fractal, the microcosm of the Infinite Dance between the two Divine Aspects as One.
It is your nature to crave this.
To hunger for this.
To ache in desire for this.
So great is this Ache that your Modern Western culture has done all in its power to numb it, to demonize it, to mute it out of existence while giving you the illusion that it is in fact being met.
Social Justice
None of it really, truly, satisfies.
You know this.
It’s fun, you love it, it’s interesting, engaging, and most of all distracting.
But it can not and does not make good on its promise of happiness. It does not fulfill what you really desire.
Because it can’t.
Enter –
The Dyad.
THIS is your nature.
This is your home.
This is the embodiment that containes the spaciousness to host ALL the complexity and depth you contain
Focus it.
and BIRTH it into Creation.
Yet, the Dyad has requirements.
You can not embody as the Dyad and also Co-sign to the idea that Masculine Leadership and Patriarchy is Problematic. You must be willing to let go of this virus – born of distortion, ignorance and illusion- for it makes your system unable to Host your Divine Nature.
Yet, do not confuse what we teach with the static antiquated former ways. Those teachers who do not know this work and merely observe in a cursory manner from outside will frequently tell you that the Dyad is nothing more than 50’s style marriage.
They do nothing more than express their ignorance and fear for that which they do not understand.
Those students who seek safety in the former ways (see part 1 of this writing) also continue to try to tie what they know to this- they can not see what they do not yet understand.
And yet we thank our detractors for they both amplify these codes for those who are ready to elevate, and scare off those who lack discernment and merely seek to be thought well of by others, held in the grip of confusion as they are tossed about by various philosophies uncertain of what to believe, incapable of receiving, as they suckle on the acceptance of the masses and are lulled asleep by the soothing lullaby of the common.
Yet you are not they.
You have a palate that knows the Tone and Taste of TRUTH.
This is your food. Your nourishment.
If your human form is built of anything it is built of and for that.
Truth is here to break up the hardened parts so that, that which is real can be known and express.
Truth means essence and congruence with ones essence.
It is Truth that brings you ultimate fulfillment.
It is congruence with your True Nature that you ultimately seek.
And here it is (go up to the top and read it again)
Supra. Omnia. Amate
Sri Namaste Moore
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