Who do you serve?

One of the most common questions that is asked in the realm of Entrepreneurship is:
“Who do you serve??”
It’s a beautiful question in general and may in fact be relevant to many people.
But not all.
For years I’ve dutifully answered that question with “I serve women who XYZ”
Until now.
When you say you serve someone or something- you must serve it…regardless.
Whatever they want they get.
However they want it, is in fact how it is.
Whatever they say is law.
The expectation of those who serve specific communities, identities etc; is that regardless of how incorrect, toxic, and shadowy it is- you should still affirm it.
Go along with it.
Submit to it.
And by so submitting you become a part of the Egregore of it’s creation.
One of its many mouths, speaking in other tongues.
This is not our path.
WE (The Infinite Couple) are here in service to TRUTH.
Intelligent Infinity
Consciousness Itself
The Great Mystery
The Great Work
And the foundation of its first Logos- the Masculine and Feminine.
We speak for Them.
We channel Them.
We are THEIR Voice.
And if you are a Man or a Woman who seeks that… then this work serves you in that seeking. And the results are manifest in every other good thing. Love. Wealth. Fulfillment.
If you want someone to just serve the “you” that is:
Needing to prove.
To be right.
To be a victim.
An echo in the chamber of the Collective Consciousness…
You will be sorely disappointed.
For our service is not to that.
We are not here to “Believe all women”, not here to “lift all women” for the fundamental flaw in that thinking is that all women will choose to align with their Higher Self- and many will not.
And for this reason it is vital that I say…
No I’m not here to serve ALL Women.
Only she who sovereignly desires to Know and Embody the Feminine as individuated within herself…and who is courageous enough to submit to her.
She who recognizes THIS as her core path to all other things. She who finds her home and her work in this realm.