Do you desire a Conscious Partnership?

Do you desire a Conscious Partnership? Do you want to be with an awakened man beloved?

Do you know that Awakening in men looks FAR different than you may think and a man with his Divine Masculine awakened may APPEAR less compassionate than you think he will?

He is more focused. More aware of his own needs and direction. He will not ask for your permission to lead his life. He will tell you what’s real and true about himself, and about you.

Shadow integration is necessary for Awakening and stepping into the Absolute. This means delving into and acknowledging the most primal and less accepted aspects of the self.

Have you provided a safe and nurturing oasis for his Darkness? Or do you shame and blame him at the first hint of it? Only she who is able to walk the Fire with Him will be able to have true partnership.

For partnership isn’t neat and sterile. It’s not intellectualized compartments dressed in the clothing of pseudo-spirituality.

You say you want to see him. But everything he shows you my love… you demonize and curse. You reject and control. You condemn.

What would happen if… instead… you delved into your own infinite nature… so that you could accept all of his. What if you put down sword and shield, shame and blame and simply said…

“I am Here with you… let us journey together… where ever that journey should lead”?

What would He become in the shining light of that Invitation from the Divine Feminine? What healing would echo out from infinity into the collective?

Accept dear heart His stoicism and his wildness. Seek to understand the nature of his conquering and focus. Heavy is the Head that wears the Kings crown.

Respect it. And let your depth of love and surrender be the golden path to the prism of HIS becoming.

In Love,


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