Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bath Water

Sit a spell my loves while I tell you a story…

The tale is told that in Previous times water was scarce and precious. Bathing was a huge affair for the average person requiring many trips to fill a large tub and long hours spent heating the water. Due to this everyone in the family would use the same tub full of water…Beginning with the Father, Then Mother, then oldest child…down to the baby.
Hence the saying…don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

Perhaps this tale is true…perhaps not…it does not matter

The lesson remains… don’t forget what’s Precious and Needed while tossing what is dirty.


There is another… Deeper lesson there as well…

We all love the idea of a healing cleansing bath. The imagery of crystals and flower petals, milk baths, and bubbles. The UNTOUCHED bath that has done nothing but look pretty.

But that’s not why baths exist.

They exist to remove that which no longer serves us. They exist to lift off of us that shedding of old skin – layers of protection- so that which is new and living can breathe. They rinse away the dust from the road…

In other words…

no matter how icky and dirty the water that cleanses has become… That filth…that layer of scum on the water is a sign the bath has done it is job.

Isn’t it interesting how the same bath that was so gorgeous at the beginning becomes “ugh…ewww!!” At the end?

How quickly is it possible to hold contempt for the very process that cleansed?

Instead of seeing it as serving its job.

How easy it is to judge the process.

Life and so so so many of your life experiences are your perpetual bath my darling. Rinsing and cleansing you. Softening your protections…scenting your aura…

Not only do you not want to throw out the baby worth the bath water…don’t hate the bath that cleansed the baby either my love.

This too is sacred.

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In love,


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