On Social Media/ Real Life

I’ve been feeling into an exquisite communication concerning this of late.

I know many people believe and handle themselves as if Social Media is not “real” that what they do on social media is not reflective of who they are or their values.

This can not be further from the truth. Even if you would like it to be.

Please read generously and with grace as I attempt to transmit something which may be a bit delicate for the medium of writing.

Interesting word, yes?

Medium is a term that means “a substance through which something is conveyed” Media is actually the plural form of medium.

Social means that which is congenial, companions and associates (it also originally meant to follow – hence Facebook is not so far off with it’s “follower” philosophy)

Social Media then is a means of conveyance of communication (or connection) in a congenial fashion to those we are connected to…

In other words, it was meant to be a means of transporting that which pertained to real life from one place to another.

Seems simple enough right?

And it is…

Until smallness steps in…

Smallness steps in and turns it into something else…
A place to debate
A place to argue
A place to prove
A place to hide behind a pseudonym
A place to handle others without regard or with contempt
A way to be bigger and bolder than one is in person… to yell things one wouldn’t dare even whisper outside of this medium.
A place to hide the truth of who you are, and to pretend.
A place to create a persona that is not real a’tall.

When we allow social media to become this… it no longer serves us. This is when you see people needing a “Break” because you will ALWAYS need a break from what isn’t REAL.


Think about it… real life doesn’t disappear even if you choose to not talk to others for a week… but… in a world where you feel you cannot be 100% yourself on social media…that’s self you’re pretending to be is…


Or the selves of others you’ve permitted into your life, into your space, your mind, your emotional state… people you treated and handled as real and they handled you as a mere convenience … until you said something they didn’t like and set fire to your name…


Walking on shards of glass in an attempt to connect but knowing you’ll pay dearly in blood if you misstep…


Realizing that you’ve spent at least an hour perhaps much more a day… forming so-called “Connections” with people who you don’t even know their real NAMES.

Yet you consult them for advice about your marriage, your career, your spiritual life.


This is what community is now. This is where we are…

And in spite of its superficiality we come back day after day because…

Even this is better than… nothing.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not anti Social Media… not at all…

I simply believe it is time for us to individually decide consciously, intentionally… what we are offering to the collective via this medium.

WHAT are we contributing to the river of humanity in this conveyance?

Are we adding cooling and calming, warming and loving? Or are we the greatest polluters forming our own version of the plastic island… a Plastic Island of all of our emotional, intellectual and human trash that take up space in the ether and emotions of others?

My contribution is that I am no longer accepting friendship requests from those who do not use their Everyday Names on Social Media. This isn’t personal… but then again it is…

See…I want to see you.

I want to know you… and no calling you, “Imsoawesome YouCantSeeMe” does not make me feel like you’re real. AND I know that if you introduced yourself to me… you wouldn’t call yourself that.

Even if you don’t use your BIRTH name or LEGAL name… I want to know the name you call yourself…

Not an affirmation you’re hiding behind.
Or a person you’re in the midst of creating.
Or someone you’d rather be.


Because you are enough.

And IT is enough.

And I want the real you to receive that.

Love you like Cheesecake,

Sri Namaste Moore