Master Baba Richard Moore and I were speaking last night about certain traits of the Dyad and how Dyadic Consciousness is paradoxical which is how it is sealed from outside tampering.
A couple can have an excellent marriage yet DyadicGenesis©️ never occur.
DyadicGenesis©️ is the term we coined for the birth of Dyadic Consciousnes
There are certain sets of circumstances that must be present much like how you must have a ripened egg, motile sperm and a fertile field for pregnancy to occur.
…there is something else that needs to be present that you have no control over.
Similarly Dyadic Consciousness has another Thing- a Great Mystery that is not touchable, tangible, or manipulatable.
It is this Mystery that both ensures that those unwilling to submit to its requirements will not carry this Consciousness and also it is what makes Dyadic Consciousness the Next Evolution eons past Twin Flame.
Because the Twin Flame is merely the Hope and Hint.
And modern Marriage is the body without the soul
Modern relating is the disembodied mind
Many men when they come in contact with the idea of Dyadic Consciousness say “It doesn’t take all that”- because modern men are often completely unaware of how fragile their “Unions” are.
They don’t know how often their beloved considers ending it.
How much she wonders if she settled.
How every argument and discussion she asks herself if he’s “the one”
How unmet she feels and unfulfilled.
He MEANS it when He said “me and you forever”
She thinks if He meant it He’d change and do the things that she has determined the relationship needs- and by relationship, she means HER.
He doesn’t know that she feels alienated by his silence
That she feels alone when he won’t talk to her about his heart
She doesn’t know that her judgement no matter how carefully cloaked- is why he decided not to share his heart with her.
Many men aren’t looking at the Science that suggests that Men themselves are in jeopardy. Male telomeres are becoming shorter and shorter. The Global Crisis effects men more than women, men have far less testosterone than ever before.
Women aren’t doing much better with our health care relegated to amputation of our primary and secondary reproductive organs and our ability to destroy life being our most prized freedom.
And many women when they come in contact with the idea of the Dyad over romanticize it and immediately attempt to throw “Dyad” into whatever relationship they have or create, believing erroneously that Desire is enough to turn stone into life.
It is time to understand WHY the Dyad has come NOW.
It only takes a brief look behind the Societal Narrative and story lines to see that humanity MUST SHIFT.
• Unmarried “partnerships” have no cohesion
• Polyamory based “progressive” relating is mired in pain and dissatisfaction Seeking a solution
• Traditional marriage is fragile and illusory
All of these models are obsolete prototypes.
Dyadic Consciousness MUST arise and take over as it is the future of Union.
Which makes it the future of Humans
And the ANSWER.
Only Dyadic Consciousness allows the FULLNESS of the Individuated Infinity functioning as Human within the Quantum Age capable of weaving the Technological advancements into Organic use in beneficial ways.
Dyadic Consciousness is non Competitive because it is the Fulfillment.
Humanity is not going back to some past version of Relationship created by survival based love. Nor is it fulfilled by the various versions of relating that it has come up with in an attempt to do it different.
Humanity needed something that AROSE from the Divine Mind to reside and host the Ancient Future.
Yet it takes courage.
Courage to live in the not known
Courage to be cracked open
Courage to unmake what has been made so that something new can arise.
Dyadic Consciousness is not an IDEA. It is also not merely a formula.
And it is indestructible.
So what conditions Lead to DyadicGenesis?
Some of them have been revealed in the Dyad Paradigm
Some of them were revealed in Dating for Marriage 2021
Some have been revealed in The Society- which is where we continue to offer the Revelation of the Consciousness, how it works, what it requires and to offer insights and guidance into how to create the fertile field in which it is born.
There is another Aspect that has been revealed- we’ll share it in the next Session of the Society.