The De- Formed Feminine

You can not separate the Feminine from her form.
Nor from form at all.
In fact it is the spiritual and consciousness mesmerism that leads to the most distorted of Feminine codes.
Conscious and Spiritual women are often the most divorced from the True Feminine
While also seeking her she eludes them
Because her requirements are too steep.
The unembodied Woman runs about Seeking to escape her form while desiring to Host the Feminine.
It is something I’ve been shown as the core wounding in most spiritual/consciousness based women… especially leaders.
A contempt for her own form.
Even while loving sex.
And Orgasms.
It is not from a love of her form.
It is in defiance of it.
While internally…
She holds in contempt her softness
Her beauty
Her desire to nurture and create
Her longing for oneness
She runs from these expressions
These desires
She demonizes them and subconsciously seeks to use Power as a weapon
And her spiritual depth as a shield.
The Actualized embodied Feminine lives in deep and profound Context to one- the Masculine Man that she has unified with.
Yet she must submit to her form before she can EVER submit to Him. This is why the Moon/Blood Mysteries proceed Marriage.
There is a lie that women have believed…
That there exists within ANY woman the capacity for independence AND bliss.
It doesn’t exist.
If a woman demands independence she will deny herself bliss
And if she prioritizes bliss she must slaughter independence.
Hence the “as above so below” we see in our time.
When a woman is in Dyadic Unification, she becomes the Hidden Mystery (wife) and Creation is as automatic as breathing.
The Masculine will ALWAYS seek the Feminine that is Fertile. It is within her that He places His pattern. Her entrusts her and so UNIVERSES reside in her.
Mother then is not the Antithesis of the Pristine Feminine or of the Dyad- it is her expression of Dyadic Unification
This is not the glorified single mother of our culture and society- divorced from the Masculine and married to her children.
That is the triple Goddess corruption spawned within the new age:
These are NOT THE ancient future, they are the revelation of the corrupted present.
The DE-formed Goddess , an idol of the distorted collective…