True Surrender & Submission isn’t a Kink

With the opening of conscious relating and the ordering and accepting of Polarity there is arising the tendency for women to live and even teach from the FANTASY of submission and surrender.
This is the disembodied projection of what is occurring between she and the masculine and her narrative of what it MEANS versus the REALITY of what IS.
This works well for a kinky scene, something to play with the energy a bit and get high off the endorphins. A mental masturbatory Fantasy created from desire and longing meets imagination with the barest hint of Truth.
She aches, craves, and longs for submission therefore she can turn mere CHEMISTRY into the Union that can hold Dyadic Consciousness.
That’s not how it works.
It’s just more of her need to control.
For the uninitiated this all looks the same. The way someone who doesn’t know better can not tell the difference between a Real Hermes handbag and a fake one.
But …
Let me tell you… there’s nothing
Like the real thing baby.
Because the real thing has STAYING POWER.
It fuels and creates
Generates and propels
And it still leaves you breathless and euphoric
Yet …
it REQUIRES being built NOT from her Imaginings… in fact it’s completely the opposite of that.
When we were leaders in the BDSM community we saw it all the time… the fantasy of submission. So many get so drunk on it that she quite literally can’t tell the distinction between it and reality.
We’d watch “relationships” that were built on this and could count how long they would last – longer when they spent less time together yet it would combust or dissolve in close proximity eventually…
Because the fantasy could not render into the reality.
Worse yet…
Because LIFE is always the LITMUS TEST.
Which is why the temporary space is so hot and potent and the stark reality is where it pops like a soap bubble.
Here is the truth-
You can not have submission without Dominance, and as a woman you can’t submit yourself into his being dominant no matter how much you want it.
And insecure Domineering is not the same.
Which means that all of the “submit submit submit” without Masculine Leadership is just a Woman making him the prop and supporting character in her show.
Sexy cosplay is fun but still a costume and a character.
Kink is the Fantasy… let us introduce you to how to LIVE in the REALITY of a submission that DEEPLY nourishes and a SURRENDER that satisfies.
I call it Sovereign Surrender©️.
There is a way to create the Relationship that becomes the Marriage of your dreams and hosts Dyadic Consciousness.
When it comes to Dyadic Consciousness there is only ONE PLACE to learn it.
When it comes to submission and Dominance learn from those who live it -for 18 years and counting- not someone who merely talks ABOUT it.
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