Inner Masculine/Inner Feminine Myth Part I

There is a belief in the Collective that we all have both Masculine and Feminine… this belief is the Distortion at the root of MOST modern issues.
One of our core assignments is to uproot this belief and replace it with Truth.
No you do not have both.
(This is true for over 96% of people)
You are not meant to balance Masculine and Feminine
You are not meant to be neutral/neutered
You are meant to be ABSOLUTELY one with a need to connect with your polar complement, and through them you connect with the Other.
This is what you signed up for when you chose to be human.
You are either at a place where you ready for that or not.
This work has been responsible for many Teachers, Coaches and Thought Leaders of Consciousness recalibrating their whole body of work because it is TRUTH.
Feel into your being beyond any resistance and you may find the opening to a greater level of expansion and your next evolution.
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