Recently we were reading about the stripping of the Royal and Honorary Titles from Harry and Meghan. While there has been a great deal of speculation concerning racism and mistreatment and his standing by his wife… that is not what we want to discuss.

What we want to discuss is the INFLUENCE of your Relationship and Marriage on your LEGACY.

You can clearly see the INFLUENCE of his relationship with Meghan on his behaviors. Stepping away from his family, his affairs, his country…


to become…well… common.

And while many are applauding this “sacrifice”  Baba Richard made a very astute observation:

“Isn’t the point to go from common to Royal, why are people celebrating diminishment from Royal to Common?”


You see your marriage has an unavoidable INFLUENCE on you. It’s SUPPOSED to. It is the one relationship that is CREATED to last your entire lifetime. Yet it is also the one relationship that humans have lost knowledge of the most deeply.

Marriage MATTERS.

And it makes MATTER.

Given this- is your Marriage a diminishing, stagnating, or elevating influence?

Some marriages diminish.

They take all that is expansive and contract it down to a circus of need, accusation, and majoring in the minors. While there are some things that can look diminishing (such as the absolute focus and change that is required in marriage) – these marriages are in survival mode and so there is no over flow to give from.They are always a few days from divorce.  You will simply go from managing one issue to managing another unless you make some FUNDAMENTAL changes.

Some marriages create stagnation.

They seem “okay” but there is no catalyst, no passion, no joie de vivre. It’s the same thing day in and day out. These marriages are the most challenging to shift because nothing is really “wrong” – yet there is no growth. They are in a little pot and heaven forbid we try to grow – because that would involve BREAKING what we have worked so hard to build. Risking it to have MORE. These marriages require a RADICAL shift. Both people are usually so neural, emotional and energetically concretized that even when the new comes – they can’t really “get” it.

And then we have the marriages that are the ELEVATING influence.

Believe it or not EVERYONE can have this type of marriage. But it COSTS. And the unwillingness to pay the cost is what creates the first two marriages. It costs comfort (at least at first). It costs doing things the way it has always been done. It costs your singlehood/independence, it costs your homogeneity because it requires polarity.

But what you receive?

The godhood zone.

The Codes of Creation that were embedded in your DNA become ACTIVE and the two of you CREATE BEYOND what you ever thought you could.


Tomorrow 2/23/2021 – we begin to offer the Dyad Paradigm – the way to your NEXT level in your marriage and relationship. The level BEYOND what you can imagine. Which is the path to all that you’ve dreamed.