Too often leaders refuse to allow themselves to step fully into their greatness and their genius because they FEAR leaving others behind.

The clients that bought from you when there was no one else around.

The students that were in a room with you when there was only 5 people.

The fans that used to share every post you made.

This is especially true for Feminine Leaders – because your heart can become so woven into the needs and personalities of your clients, students, and members  that it can almost feel like being estranged.

Which means

It’s time to Learn to Let Go.

Your PRIMARY mandate is to your Spouse FIRST and your Genius SECOND.

The students, clients etc; must come seeking that. And you can not prostitute that for the sake of staying small and relatable.

Not at all.

Yes that means at some point some of your most “loyal” followers will pull the cord to get off the ride. Because they weren’t really loyal to you to begin with… they were loyal to the reflection of themselves.

Read that again.

Understand beloved, you’re here to develop in your true audience a taste for Growth.

A palate for the ineffable.

Thirst for the ever changing infinite.

Hunger for the expansion and the AWE of potentiality.

What makes one RAVENOUS creates indigestion in another.

Those who want to walk blissfully and ONLY close to the earth will find your exploration of the Multi-Verse too much.

Those content to “just get by” will eventually gawk in horror at your abundance.

Those  who hold on to hopelessness like a dear friend will find the actualization you offer distasteful.

Let Them.

Don’t even pause.

Don’t look back.

Instead look around.

There is a Tribe of those who have awaited this very moment.

When you stood up

Stepped out of the shadows

And Flew.

This tribe RESIDES in the air…which is why you never saw them when you insisted on crawling on your belly.

As for those who leave?

Say a fond “Sashay Away” ..with no melancholy or regret.

The air up here is too thin for most lungs.

They are scared to look into the Abyss for FEAR of it looking back.

We however aren’t afraid of such things.

Which is why when the Abyss stared at us…it smiled.