On Being A Housewife Part IV

Let’s talk honestly about the limiting beliefs concerning being a housewife my loves… This isn’t to convince anyone merely to address the limiting beliefs that you may hold that are ready to come down. If this doesn’t hold resonance… please just scroll, hide or delete.

Part 4:

“I’d love to be a house wife but my Husband doesn’t make enough money”

Here’s what I’ve learned about money… your life will expand to meet what you have, or contract to flow with what you don’t at any given moment.

Many families are forced into one income by illness or lay off – only to realize that having one income actually made them more free.

Right now there is financial indicators that say that even if a family has two incomes they should PLAN to live on one. This creates so much more space and can be a good interim position to a family seeking to have the wife at home. Often just having the pressure of NEEDING her income removed makes many wives relax in ways they didn’t realize they needed.

There are also many work from home positions. What is the difference?

1. You’re in your space… so even while working you are being fed and nourished by your home and also nourishing your space with your presence.
2. Typically working from home creates less stress and more freedom
3. Beginning your own business, even MLM or networking creates a great deal of familial freedom.
4. The expense of driving, wardrobe, eating out, etc; are minimized thereby creating more income.

The reality is that if this is calling you my love- you want to begin with “I wonder how this can happen for us” as opposed to “There’s no way we can do it”

Think and Feel it real… this is one of your Feminine Super Powers!

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