On Being A Housewife Part III

Let’s talk honestly about the limiting beliefs concerning being a housewife my loves… This isn’t to convince anyone merely to address the limiting beliefs that you may hold that are ready to come down. If this doesn’t hold resonance… please just scroll, hide or delete.

Part 3:

“Every wife can’t be a housewife, I can’t imagine…. ” or “That’s good for you… but I want more out of life…”

This is most often based on the confusion of what a housewife actually IS OR because this woman does not have a man that she feels she can depend on in that way at this time.

Every housewife isn’t called to be a 50’s housewife… no. But a 50’s housewife is just one type. A housewife to a wealthy businessman will have different privileges and responsibilities, then a housewife to a farmer. A housewife with 5 little children will have a different life than a housewife with no children. A housewife to an Athlete will function differently to a housewife with an Entrepreneur.

It is the inability to expand what one knows that creates limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs govern us because they LIMIT what you can BELIEVE.

What limiting beliefs do you have that make it BAD?

A housewife is a glorified housekeeper?
A housewife is unappreciated?
A housewife is lonely?
A housewife is living in struggle?
Housewives sit around complaining all day?
Housewives aren’t put together – they sit around in a housecoat and rollers?
Housewives have no skill, talent, or real purpose.

These are just some of the subconscious tapes playing in MANY minds. And while SOME women may call themselves housewives and feel this way – that does not mean that is what a housewife IS.

Housewife is speaking to the fact that:

1. She is answerable to no one except her HUSBAND.
2. She doesn’t HAVE TO provide for herself
3. She doesn’t HAVE TO protect her self
4. She IS his softness
5. She supports his vision and goals
6. Her household is priority.
7. She knows that her value is MORE than what anyone could pay her.
8. She is VISIONARY. (This is why she’s content, full of purpose and satisfied)

NO – these things are not common – especially in the USA – but they are possible. Let me know if you want to learn.

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