On Being A Housewife Part V

Let’s talk honestly about the limiting beliefs concerning being a housewife my loves… This isn’t to convince anyone merely to address the limiting beliefs that you may hold that are ready to come down. If this doesn’t hold resonance… please just scroll, hide or delete.

Part 5:

“Being a housewife is boring”

This is probably one of the biggest underlying limiting beliefs… my love

If a student is a housewife and she says she’s bored I will ask her how is she spending her time, typically (in fact in ALL cases I have seen) she is at least one of the following:

* Not understanding the deep spiritual alchemy of keeping a home
* Not devoting herself to the support of her husband (This is an ACTIVE position, not a passive one)
* Not seeking to learn new things
* She does not have or know what his vision or goals are for the family
* She does not know how she can support or what her role is in the accomplishment of those goals and vision
* She does not WANT to support his goals or vision. She’s not invested in them
* She has not yet internalized being in partnership vs. being in relationship
* Her sense of self-worth is entangled with external validation in the form of $$ (in other words if there is no $$ she doesn’t feel value)
* She is over adrenalized and so finds any stillness uncomfortable
*She is confusing stress with fulfillment
* She is running from, hiding, or avoiding some deeper programming
*She does not really understand the purpose and responsibilities of the position of wife

Women in SOFT Wife School learn all the responsibilities that go along with being a wife. They learn that getting married and becoming a wife are DISTINCT. EVERY woman who has taken it no matter how long married has said they saw SOMEPLACE that they could improve, the vast majority of women not realizing how much of their position was being left undone.

These gorgeous wives learning how valued they truly are and how much they contribute is both comforting and fulfilling.

It’s a beautiful thing.

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