How it all Really Works

People emanate desires
Each being a magnificent embodiment of a specific frequency and manifestation
When you see what you desire embodied in another and feel pulled towards them it is because they are the expression of that manifestation
And your desire is calling you to them
Often this gets corrupted and confused
People think it is romantic interest
Or they corrupt it with jealousy and envy
In actuality that person is the beacon so that you can get to your desire with ease
By following
Not mimicking.
Not being who they are
Going WHERE they are
And only they can show you
The immature and insecure miss this
They think it’s wrong
They think it doesn’t serve
They think it makes them less than
They think it won’t work because they’re too different
They think it doesn’t make sense
They fear being betrayed
They presume it’s boring
They think it makes them powerless or just less powerful
They end up running away from or avoiding the very person they called forth as their Guide and Wayshower.
Those who are coaches, Mentors, teachers and facilitators today are constantly encouraged by the Business Beasties to make themselves smaller and more palatable to get an audience.
To be besties with their clients.
They’ve missed the point.
Your GREATNESS is the Beacon
And it is also the Litmus Test
Because your real clients need you to be great and are repelled by your smallness.
They are ready to go…
Are you?