You Don’t Need a Coach

You aren’t performing – you’re conjuring magic
You aren’t competing – your conquering limits
You aren’t building something – your creating from nothing.
You’re custom crafting your life at the Highest Level possible…defying the idea of “only human”- in fact EXTRAORDINARY is what you FEAST on.
You don’t need a coach with outdated strategies and tools… Someone who says they serve you but really just wants YOUR influence and power to serve THEM.
YOU need what you THOUGHT wasn’t available
Baba Richard and I are the Secret Weapon, Privy Council and King/Queen Maker all rolled into one for Change Makers, Captains of Industry, Elite and High Profile Entertainers, Connoisseurs of Consciousness, Spiritual Change Agents, Artists and Other High Caliber Leaders.
In other words YOU
We Transmit to Those who Lead, Influence and Innovate so that you can offer to the world your Radiance and Genius with more precision and clarity on your frequency.
• You who always give and never receive.
• You who has so much Greatness and Brilliance that no one can hold you
• You who feels you can not trust anyone (we’ll sign your NDA without any hesitation…after all we have one ourselves)
• You who need Custom Care from people who don’t require you to be broken or small to make them feel better
We’re the Ace in the Hole that makes the Difference.
The Hidden underpinning that Supports and Brings it all Together
That Counsel in the Ear before the world knows.
The Magical Oracles on retainer
And we give all of this to our clients.
• No, no one needs to know we’re part of your Arsenal.
• No you never need to mention our names (you can if you’d like to though)
• No you don’t need to be wounded or have big problems, you need to want to expand into a Greater frequency of your Big Royal You with more ease.
Are you the BEST at what you do ? Then you need us because we’re the most Pristine and Potent at what we do…
Greatness deserves Greatness- straight no chaser.
Contact Tasha Archer our VIP Client Pathfinder or Khadijah Westmoreland our VIP Concierge to apply for the Eminence Grise Experience. Serious Inquiries ONLY.