Old Survival Paradigm

Old Survival Paradigm


A Few Days ago we had our dealership pick up our Vehicle for maintenance- oil and tire rotation. Our dealership is sublime. It even has a cafe and huge lounge area inside of it.  During the visit they send you a video recording of the underside and under the hood of your vehicle showing you everything they see. They indicated that while it wasn’t a big deal they did notice an oil leak.

We called them and scheduled immediately to do whatever needed to be done.

Once the repair was complete we were laughing about there being a time where we’d have just let it go because we couldn’t afford to get it fixed and if it wasn’t a “big deal” why bother.

IMMEDIATELY we channeled a huge insight about the nature of Old Paradigm Survival living versus  New Paradigm Quantum Legacy Lifestyle.

In Old Survival Paradigm is that you ONLY seek assistance when you REALLY need it.

This means you only look for money as a reaction to broke-ness, you only learn new skills when you are REQUIRED to by your employer, you only focus on your marriage and relationship when you’re alone or something is majorly wrong, you only care about your body when it breaks down, you only take a parenting course when your children become little feral hellions and you only do the feminine “Thing” when you’re burnt out and exhausted.

In fact if you’re in survival you probably stopped reading this already because “theres too many words”

Because you’re seeking support when you have the LEAST resources the MOST you get is a bandaid  and painkiller. Yet because you are in SURVIVAL you believe that means it’s “fixed” and you keep on moving back to where you came from.

In this new Quantum Dyadic Paradigm EVERYTHING is done not only to THRIVE but to INTENTIONALLY create, curate, and craft your LEGACY.

You then invest and involve yourself with that which feeds and nourishes you because it feeds and nourishes you. Not to FIX something. You don’t require anything to be a “big deal”- in fact big deals rarely occur because you lovingly care for yourself, your Beloved, your Children, your enterprise, your gifts, talents and abilities from a space of truly expansive and lavish LOVE and beauty.

You learn because you ADORE learning.

Hustle simply doesn’t exist.

You are FEASTING not starving.

You learn more about marriage because you adore IT, to want to AMPLIFY it and you have a sneaky feeling that EVERYTHING depends on whats happening there. So it delights you.

You learn about parenting more effectively because you love your children and want to live harmoniously and remain a part of their life- for life.

You invest in business education because you truly enjoy polishing your skills and serving at the Highest level possible Which means coaching about BUSINESS itself and education on your particular niche in business (more on this next)

In other words you  have a RADICAL appreciation and JOY for the human experience and want to do all the things all the time because…

“WOW WHAT AN ADVENTURE TO BE DIVINE and have a  HUMAN existence! “

Not because you NEED it to survive.

This is what is unfurling in your belly.

This new paradigm of life

It requires a great deal of you though.

For you are deeply enmeshed in the survival paradigm – it is the collective mind.

IF on the other hand you’re willing to utterly shatter your place in that paradigm…you can enter this one.

Let’s do it.

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