Darling ladies…

Those people telling you that Surrender is bs?

They don’t understand it.

They either ate the lie that being just like men would make them happy…


They STOPPED at submission.

Don’t get me wrong…I KNOW submission.

I’ve taught on submission since the early 90s. First in religious circles, then in BDSM and beginning 11 years ago in our own business. (Receipts? ✔️)

Let me crack this open for you.

Sovereignty is VITAL.

You need to own all of you.

Submission is IMPORTANT.

It has its place.

And it’s TIME.

BUT-You want true Euphoria?

It Requires you FIRST know your Desires.

STAND in your Sovereignty.

Submit entirely…

And when you think you know all that entails?



This sounds insane to most conscious women. It sounds foolish…just like EVERY DEEP MYSTERY does.

Most western women stay in the realm of conflict with men.

A few understand and get to submission.

YET when they get there…it NEVER fully delivers on the promise.

Its like EXCELLENT foreplay…with no Penetration.

Its good.

But it could be BETTER.

And you always long for something JUST out of reach.

And like edging without EVER having a orgasm- if you stay there…


This is why so many over complicate submission.

Because they haven’t found what they really hunger for…


So they spin around weaving tittilation and Intellect hoping it will birth what they seek.

It is the ineffable, unnamed, unknown and typically rejected space where you must DARE to go.

Only the rarest of the rare can hear this song.

And have the heart to journey.

This is so rare in fact that no one teaches on it.

No one talks about it.

No one KNOWS it.

Because the only way to KNOW it is to get INSIDE it.

The dance is precisely and singularly choreographed between you TWO. You can’t know it or even understand it until you’re IN IT.

This is why so many of your “Feminine empowerment” teachers UTTERLY miss the mark.

Cultivating instead an audience of dissatisfied, very smart women, distrustful of men who unknowingly use  submission to control and manipulate.

Submission feels better.

It requires less.

Yet it is only a hint.

A clue

A step

It is not the fulfillment

Which is why we came.

The  newest realm of Godhead Actualization for Humans requires two things.

Marriage and ABSOLUTE Surrender (for women)

Both of which will trigger the fvck out of most people reading this.


Yep. I know.

The truth isn’t always easy to swallow.

Yet you’re at a deciding point or you wouldn’t have come across this.

You can keep doing relationships your  way, which is like perfecting your edging technique in the hopes that one day it will pay off in one amazing orgasm.

OR  you can be taken by the Dyad Paradigm in which you LIVE Orgasmicaly – ALL THE TIME….and I’m not being metaphoric here.

You decide. THEN join us at Feminine Extraordinary Women  – The FEEL Hive or reach out to Lori Bee, Tasha Archer or Kheshia Renée to find out the next step!