I am THE Feminine Channel

And she has said that my assignment is to Reveal the Teachers who speak in her name, yet do not submit to her Voice, instead they shed the virus of Feminism creating new variants over and over.
Many of those who seek to know Her can not discern the difference between Truth and Falsehood because they do not yet know Her Character.
They project their wounds, and fears and hunger and are thereby drawn to those who feed those wounds and fears and hunger.
They feel wounded and so they see her as wounded
They feel left behind and so they see her as the same
They have created idols in her name but do not KNOW her.
Let me say this very clearly- ANYONE who claims to promote “The Feminine” in any way yet does not make space for, love and support the Masculine and MEN is not speaking on her behalf.
Anyone who has issues with Male power, Masculine power in Men etc; is NOT speaking on behalf of the Feminine.
Anyone who is leading Women AWAY from MEN – is not speaking on behalf of the Feminine and TRUTH.
It doesn’t matter the intent.
They are wounded and need to be healed and eject this virus from their system.
Teachers are held to a higher standard, especially in the area they “teach” – which is why one should not be quick or rash in assuming that position.
2 days ago She dropped something so HEAVY in and on me that my mind was BLOWN – then this came through last night when a student was showing me a conversation had in private with someone leading a “movement”. The amount of distortion and virus in it was ASTOUNDING – yet if you look at the websites and posts by this person- you would not think THIS was the foundation underpinning what they are building.
I will go into this more deeply this evening in my group – Feminine Extraordinary Women – The FEEL Hive