There is a distortion in the collective idea of mothering.

I watch program after program  arising allegedly supporting mothers- and the teachers AREN’T mothers yet or have very young children only.

They are green and untried.

Allow me to offer you some wisdom

These gorgeous young women should teach the art of pregnancy, not mothering.

While well meaning and deeply passionate about motherhood- they haven’t done it yet.

Passion and intensity can not replace true Knowing and the wisdom of Experience.

Yet it reflects our societal fixation on youth.

Hence when it comes to mothering we have the The Diefication of the Pregnant woman (not mother yet) and the nursing mothers.

Western culture Demonizes Mothers of children past weaning age if they really parent and also Devalues the Elder Mother who offers counsel to Adults,  as irrelevant.

The expectation is that the role of Mothers is

Gestational carrier- first nine months

Nutritional provider- until 3

And then Cheerleaders and Financial providers of Societal programming reframed as Freedom and power. Ages 3- adulthood

This is not Motherhood.

This is nannying for the state.

It is strange to me to see this replicated in spiritual circles.

Ladies- stop Seeking to learn from Mothers who are the same as you- and instead learn from those who have experience BEYOND yours.

Listen to the wisdom

Seek it out

And if you’re pregnant please please please…


Your time is coming- I can feel the graspy, fear based energy that is driving you to produce for fear of irrelevance.

You’re making motherhood far more challenging than it needs to be.

Enter motherhood as you wish to be in it

-Sri Namaste Moore

Mother of 8 adults of my womb and heart and Thousands of my Spirit