Leaky Boundaries

Good morning darling students…

For those seeking to understand Baba Richards quote last night…

“If you have leaky boundaries, then what you perceive as freedom is just irresponsibility. ”
– Baba Richard Moore

Here is the remainder of the conversation-

A person with clear boundaries…understands the distinction between “mine” and “not mine”… They may be interested or hold an opinion about something but it has to pass the “mine” test in order for them to feel it is their prerogative to issue proclamations about for instance.

There may be things that they would rather ignore…but they take care of it anyway if it is “mine”.

In like manner, they may desire something but they will not touch it because it’s “not mine”. Such people do not often perceive themselves as lacking freedom because they are free to do what they will with what is “mine” and free to ignore entirely what is “not mine”.

A person with leaky boundaries, on the other hand, is constantly invested highly in “not mine”, and often distracted entirely from that which is “mine”. For such people “freedom” then feels like forcing, cajoling or compelling what is “not mine” to behave differently and passing the responsibility for what is “mine” on to someone else.

It is the height of irresponsibility as it is an entirely impotent scenario.

Most people believe that leaky boundaries only allow them to be taken advantage of by others without seeing the greater picture of how leaky boundaries create space for them to have inappropriate expectations of others and create irresponsibility for self my loves.

BTW… This is not about Barriers…it’s about boundaries…they are completely different.

We love you!!

Baba Richard and Sri Namaste – The Infinite Couple