I am Namaste Moore

Daughter Of Betty

Granddaughter of Leora and Elizabeth

Daughter of Chava, Daughter of Lakshmi, Daughter of Kali and First Born of the Universe

When I was growing up in this present Human body my mother and my maternal grandmere were very feminine, creole women. They weren’t feminine because they had easy lives. My grandmere raised 9 children predominantly alone. My mother was divorced multiple times.

They were Feminine because they VALUED Femininity- not as something that women put ON, but as who we ARE.

I can recall my Gran speaking about the beauty of the Hidden things of womanhood. How it benefits male/female relationships, what it offers to us…how it elevates womanhood.

There were many Feminine Mysteries they shared with me – not through lecture so much as through listening, and how they lived.

One of these things was concerning pregnancy and motherhood.

When it came to pregnancy we were taught to wear loose flowing garments – so that our belly can breathe and be free. So we could allow our selves to expand.  To move more slowly and turn the attention internally.

To nourish DEEPLY -for the baby will take what it needs from you – without concern for you, and so you care for the baby by caring for yourself.

We were taught to cover modestly and lightly- not from shame – but so as to indicate our SACREDNESS – “I am doing a sacred work in here…it is not for your eyes”

My mother – watching the changes that arose in the world would sigh in disgust and say “Look at what is being done to pregnancy, how women are being taught to continue to do what they always have…that there is nothing different, distinct or precious happening”

My mother did not nurse. When I told her I was going to she was fascinated by the whole process. How long (I nursed most of our children for 2 years), what not to do if I decided not to (“don’t let them give you medication to dry up your milk”).

I was shown and taught the beauty of BECOMING  the Mother- not the Maiden with a Child – which is different.

In my own experience I learned at the feet of the Infinite Feminine how to let go gracefully of the former things, to allow myself to become recalibrated, to re-enter my full body after birth and re-inhabit my breasts after weaning.

And I learned in all of that the POWER of my discretion. What it offered to me and to my babies. I FELT it in my own body. The power of the retreat from the things of the world as I hold the Next World in living form in my arms.

This is why I became a doula

This is why, while I’m retired- I STILL receive women asking if I might be their doula

And why established doulas and midwives desire to learn these things from me.

When I was a doula I gave my clients PERMISSION. Permission to change, to let go, to shift, and this ability then made them powerful mothers (When they listened).

The narrative you are offered beloveds is shrill and combative. It exchanges the sacred and mystery for that which is vulgar and cheap.

And being offered this costume jewelry you’re told it is empowerment.

Yet on some level – if you’ve read this far you know that is not The Truth, no matter how loudly it is said.

If you are ready for a completely different Narrative and Universe of what it means to be woman – one in which you are not focused at all on fighting against men, or forcing your power- but instead experience the RICH, Sublime potency of being Fulfilled in EVERY WAY and RELEVANT to where this next stage of Consciousness is going  I invite you join us in Feminine Extraordinary Women  – The FEEL Hive