Lessons on Social Graces

Dear student…

Manners and etiquette are social lubricant.

Historically associated with social status, to lack either was a sign of a lack of good breeding.

To take the time to learn how to greet, address, depart, dine, request…to offer intention into how one would engage with others is less about elevating oneself and more about elevating how you perceive others. If you hold others in high regard you desire their comfort and find the process of creating the most delightful engagement pleasurable, yes even when one did not agree.

There was an art to the non-agreement that would allow still a warm regard for the other.

The lower social classes would historically not bother with such nuances as their lives were more orientated towards survival and functionality, lacking the education required, and the time to devote to something that would seem irrelevant.

In modern culture…we have more free time than ever before and yet often the coarse, the abrasive, the antagonistic is the norm. And there seems to be an encouragement to view this as some perverse virtue.

The truth is the lack of social grace is not some form of empowerment and progress…it’s laziness and transactional. It shows a lack of regard for anyone other than one’s self and in a social media culture it speaks to a tendency to feel only one self is “real”.

Turn the tide.

Offer greetings, apologies, kindness. Remember there is a person or people at the other end. Be divine and gracious.

Be civil. Elevate the collective.

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In Love,


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