Women Abuse Too

Someone needs to hear this…

Women abuse too my loves. And FAR FAR more often than you think…

Women are not often accused of abuse NOT because it’s so rare but because of three big things:

1. Women abuse differently than men. Men will intimidate with size, often using hands and fists and feet. Women will throw things, slap, scratch, occasionally punch, push, call names, shout put downs etc. Women’s abuse often leaves very little marks.

2. Men are RARELY physically hurt by the abuse women level at them. A slap doesn’t often blacken an eye, even if she does make contact the expectation is he’s a man and can handle it.

3. The ways women abuse are ACCEPTED. No one will stop a woman from hitting a man – however, a crowd will stop a man from hitting a woman. When a women expresses violence towards a man most people wonder what he did to deserve it. When a man does the same to a woman – everyone says there is no excuse.

Women never see themselves as abusive. Even while doing the actions a woman will often chalk it up to being emotional or upset. In addition, Men rarely see themselves as victims of abuse.

Abuse is NOT determined by how much one can take, or how big the bruises… abuse is based on the Violence you direct towards another person. Period.

If you are a woman or a man who has lost control, who does not know how to deal with your anger, disappointment or frustration… get help. There are tools you can use.

Learn more, get SOFT – bit.ly/GetSOFT

In Love,


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