My Sisters of A Certain Age…

My Sisters of A certain Age…

If you are a woman in your forties (or thirties even) please take the time to mentor a younger woman.

No….not about her career aspirations but about her character.

Not about her power but about her pleasure

Not about her education and empowerment but about her evolution and Embodiment.

Not about her independence but about her interdependence.

In truth, these things will have a much greater effect on her and on her ability to be fulfilled in life.

And if your first thought is “why not both?” understand my love it’s a question of order and benefit. One is seed, another fruit.

Truth is…We don’t need women being A FORCE in the world unless we want more FORCE in the world…what we need is more women with wisdom.

There is a disturbing trend in younger women today to go into the world roaring and angry carrying the wounds of their mother and sowing them like seeds thereby creating trees that can only reap the fruit of like after like.

I listen to young women and much of their dialogue is about something they heard. Often they don’t perceive a distinction between what they are actually experiencing and what they read online. They don’t always know the difference between their own life and a story they read.

Most recently a young woman told me a story about something she said she experienced which I later found out was a historic event from the 50s. It was something she read.

Think about this for a moment.
This social media culture has truly impacted our minds and while there is no need to demonize it…we would do well as women who are a bit older to stop sitting silently by.

They deserve better. We can do better.

And now A message from the Feminine Divine :

Older women stop giving your daughters, nieces, etc; your issues and calling it empowerment, feminism, truth…

Stop using her.
Robbing her of her innocence so you have someone to talk to.

If you need someone to hear your stories go to therapy, find a friend…but do NOT give it to that young woman.

Everything alive wants to stay alive.

Let that pain die…

Kill it yourself instead of passing it on.

Let her find hope in your eyes.

Stop nursing her on your pain.
Forcing her to suckle it until she chokes and convincing yourself it is for her good…when in truth you’re so full of it that you’re giving it to her to relieve your own ache.

Be brave and heal

Heal Yourself so that your daughter might grow up a Healer….
Instead of learning to be wounded and to wound…

let her grow up FREE.

You don’t have to do it alone.
I am with you.

Learn more, get SOFT –

In Love,


BTW…you’re already mentoring other young women with your behavior every day even if you don’t realize it…I’m just making the invisible visible and the unconscious conscious.

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