Time for more uncomfortable truths.

There is NO industry that is full of more “experts” that are inept than the love and relationship niche.

Every day I see love and relationship teachers who -in all candor- don’t know what they’re talking about.

However, because your emotional and energetic palate has been trained to seek resonance you continue to sip from the well of “they’re so relatable” rather than “They have the expertise to facilitate me”

EFFECTIVENESS is the measure of truth.

Not a beautiful opinion.

Whenever someone comes to me for Facilitation   the FIRST thing we must do is uproot the foolishness they’ve been taught by people more invested in preventing liability and VULNERABILITY than creating lifelong  sustainable marriage.

“But everyone doesn’t want that” they say…

Only…if you didn’t want it why is your heart broken? Why are you seeking?

Finding serial monogamy is easy.

“Hit it and quit it” is common as sea water.

The female orgasm has been rubbed into numbness.

Tantric sex (a real misnomer) has been tapped out.

Learning to mimic Intimacy and Connection with random people in the ritual circle of most Conscious Relating environments is only deepening the Abandonment you feel. Because it’s no substitute for the real beloved.

You’ve tried it all…

Yet still…you aren’t satisfied.

And if you’re a coach…and you’re honest…you can admit that even with all that you teach…practice and display you can feel the hollowness of attempting to inspire in others  what you don’t have and don’t know how to GET.

It’s time to drain the blister of infection that causes this niche to be a JOKE.

You don’t go to the poor for Money insight.

You don’t go to an atheist to deepen your connection to God

And you don’t go to people who just have opinions on Intimacy, ideas about marriage and relationship tools…yet no Mastery…

to LIVE your LEGENDARY Love or create a Mythic Marriage

You want Partnership for A Lifetime?

Go to those who’ve Partnered for billions.

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