Beloved- Showing your breasts publicly while breastfeeding is not empowerment it’s exhibitionism. Being discreet is not the same as shame.

Many women who support this don’t see the bigger picture or they do not know better because they weren’t initiated into motherhood by elder Mothers- they had their experience of motherhood co-opted by the media and social engineering movements.

This is a part of a greater movement to desexualize Womanhood, to remove the innate connection between being a Woman and femaleness, and to CREATE a disconnection between females and their bodies as an expression of their Divine being.

  1. Breasts are a secondary sex characteristics that appear at puberty indicative of your biological s*x .

Unlike in many animals, human female breasts are not merely for lactation- as they appear prominently prior to pregnancy. They are potential sources of sexual and sensual pleasure. Denying this capacity in breasts and making them merely lactation devices in dehumanizing.

  1. When a mother offers to herself and her little one privacy as they engage in this beautiful and sacred offering she is saying what we do matter and it is SACRED SELFISHNESS. My nursing is not for the world, it’s not an act of war, it’s not an attempt to prove ANYTHING.
  2. It is also important to give and teach women that they are not serving THEMSELVES or their progeny at the highest level possible by feeling the need to be out in the WORLD working, career focused, higher education focused while pregnant and nursing. That time is singular and deserves to be handled as special- not business as usual.

Career will still be there

Education can happen later

Tending to your audience isn’t that important

This is your great work.

The next generation is in your belly and in your arms.

Focusing on that is the most POWERFUL AND INFLUENTIAL opportunity you have to create a Living Legacy.

If you do not know HOW to nurse discreetly or you desire discreet nursing support please leave a comment so a circle of mamas can support you and assist you beloved.