This human experience is so FASCINATING in part because of it is so paradoxically DYNAMIC.
Which is what the Dyad teaches you.
Chapter 1
The Dyad is the Living out of the Paradox that is often only an abstract idea.
After the Ordering and the Structuring (which comes to make you a fit Host and Temple for the Divine Union) comes the Conception… the Mystery which enlivens radical movement within the Dyad itself.
It is not still
Neither is true Polarity.
True Polarity is enlivened into MOTION.
This is why the false union was not sustainable…because it anchored into a particular static form instead of LIVING the Dyadic Truth and Tension of State Change.
Perpetual Motion is the Dyadic state of Being.
Chapter 2
Back to the paradoxical dynamic human experience one persons “Evolution” is another persons “I Mastered that”.
This is Eternity embodied in the experience.
The future, the past, and the present all converge in this Now for our fantastic feasting if we recognize the complexity of the courses that are offered.
Recently a client asked what I thought of the “Shapeshifter codes” which she heard were the newest thing to hit the planet.
I told her that we (Baba Richard and I) have lived those for many years and Mastered them long ago. They are potent and needful.
They are new to SOME but old to OTHERS.
Does that make one superior? No. It actually creates a gloriously evolved com -union when the two come together.
Chapter 3
Life and Flesh.
The Energy and the Matter.
Seemingly disparite ideas and expressions are only seen as such because of the limitations of perspective.
The key then is to move BEYOND perspective.
To get WITHIN and then move ABOVE.
To do both.
This is ultimately why we speak on Living the Legacy.
Why we speak on Generational Wealth
Because it is the connection points BETWEEN THINGS that are both the most fragile and subject to damage and the most NEEDED right now.
Currently the collective suffers from either a Disconnection from those connection points OR Dissolving into one another.
Both are a corruption.
One makes the energy and mind the All.
The other makes the Matter the All.
In truth both are needed and it is in the Generational experience that you learn this most Profound of lessons.
TODAY I am the child in the presence of my Elders how do I learn the Lessons and wisdom they teach?
TODAY I am the adult in the presence of my Elders, my peers, and my children. How do I learn? How do I share? How do I teach?
TODAY I am the Elder in the presence of my peers and my children. How do I share? how do I teach?
It is within the container of the experience of Family that you learn the truth of this. It is the escapism that masquerades as evolution that obscures this truth.
Chapter 4
There is something very interesting that has dropped in within the realm of all of the current fixation on that which is old and dying and that which is new and arising.
As certain ideas are deemed “bad” “evil” or “unconscious” what would happen if instead they were harnessed for the deeper understanding they offer?
What if humans sought the Divine Design and then learned from those who have played that game, Mastered it and are capable of conveying the Light (ordered expression) the Dark (potentiality) and the Shadow (obscured order)?
This Knowing of the Divine Design MUST be inclusive of that which has been deemed “bad” or simply antiquated.
For example:
Colonization is merely neutral.
And in Dark it is potentially expressed in all ways.
In light there is a time and place when it benefits and how it benefits
In shadow there is no acknowledgement of it, it is unconscious and merely an expression of fear or other limiting beliefs.
Again such engagement requires the already of not only mere perspective but to go WITHIN and then ABOVE.
This is the playground we operate on and within that is what is calling.
To find the Legendary Love
Create the Lavish Wealth
So you can spend your time and energy not in Survival but in Playing these games of Consciousness and evolution simply because they are so Delightful to explore.
We are here to BECOME the discrete and individuated Prime Axiom.
Supra. Omnia. Amate.
If you’d like to discuss these ideas and more join THE IMMORTALS : Leaders, Legends, and Legacy as this is where we will explore the ideas made real.