On Sustaining Transformation

Q – Why is it that most people do not sustain the transformation that occurs in a retreat, weekend, intensive etc;

A – Transformational Processes only teach how to come OUT of one state – they do not teach how to ENTER into another state (although they may allow one to TOUCH it), how to allow another state to enter you, or the BEING of what you have Become.

Without this knowledge, the Aspirant once they leave the container of intensity, will return back to the nature of that which they were, until the next retreat or Transformation Experience.

This does not occur in nature because with each new state of Transformation comes new instincts – which are simply inherent programs designed to ensure the maintenance and thriving in the new state.

In Humans – due to Free Will – Instinct was supplanted by Culture, therefore unless a human returns to a New Culture – the transformation will be unsustainable.

Unfortunately, your society has condemned the forming of cultures that support various chosen states and forms of Transformation by lessening them into something to fear, which you call “cults”. This has caused many Aspirants to actively avoid that which would most support them, and many leaders to eschew the creation of that which will support their students.

Oddly your businesses and industries are allowed to created cultures and this is celebrated, but your spiritual communities are not. Such is the distortion of man.

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