We are all of us Divine Cosmic Journeyors
Fractal expressions of an infinite intelligence
Consciousness arriving in Human form
Arising into the next expression
And yet…
You are taught to take survival based action…
To survive.
Interesting word…survive
It originally meant to live beyond
To live beyond that which would stop life.
Hence the survival Paradigm is one in which you are constantly referencing yourself
Your experience
Your life and wanting
In contrast to whatever is not wanted
Whatever is problematic
Seeking a result to remove pain
This is what most human consider and call…life.
And is how many build their human experience.
From one survival to the next.
Survive childhood to become an adult
Survive school to get a job
Survive the job to seek a partner
Survive dating to get married
Survive the disappointment of marriage to get divorced
Survive the divorce to be single again
Survive singlehood to lose weight
Survive your body to have it breakdown
Survive the breakdown to go bankrupt
And on and on…
There is no real enjoying the journey…
Busy seeking for the next destination
A desire to check enough boxes to finally rest
Because most humans are utterly disoriented
Thrown off the axis
Out of orbit and seeking to right the wrongs they feel by reacting…running…
Even those who so blissfully claim the label of
Lone Wolf
Tall poppy
still live in that survival Paradigm…
Simply awaiting and creating the next opportunity to be rejected, betrayed, unwanted, misunderstood … alone.
Seeking this out and feeling restless and without purpose without the contrast of Alienation.
Yet there is another Paradigm…
So completely different you might call it an alternative reality.
Depending on where you sit.
You see beloved- in the survival paradigm there is no intentional legacy that is created.
It seeks constantly external simulation
Happenstance of experience.
It is what drives and motivates.
And yet this other Paradigm
The InfiniteLife Paradigm
Occupies a completely different place…
Everything occurs for its own sake, for no other reason than because We are Creators…
It is the image we are made in
It is our nature.
And we call every creation….GOOD.
The marriage is good…and now we make it Legendary, because playing in that field DELIGHTS me.
The money is good…and now we make it lavish, because the experience of more money than ever…lights me up.
The body is good…and now we sculpt it to whatever form we like by whatever means because it is mine to do with as I choose.
I am good…and now I become other me’s, New versions because…I am.
A graduation from the need for pain as a point of contrast
As a motivator for action
As a definer of rightness
As eligibility for goodness
As an ethical barometer.
This is the field of play.
This is our Divine game.
This is what invites our depth, our devotion, our intentional direction…
To explore ourselves
As ourselves
Through our other selves
As we journey back to ourselves to do it once again.
I do the impressive thing because I DESIRE to.
I love beyond all reason because I DELIGHT to.
I stand toe to toe with my fears and play with my edges to experience the full range of
To remember…my Infinity.
If this idea exhausts you and overwhelms you… you’re simply still in Survival mode.
If it expanded you and causes you to laugh or sigh in delight… This paradigm is YOURS…
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