The Lion’s Gate

SOOOOOOO Many Questions about the Lion’s Gate…

I don’t have a lot of time today but I will share it as it was given to me:


As the  knowledge of the False Lions Gate (8/8/21) is beginning to Circulate I’m noticing some people who say

“Well, It doesn’t matter”

“I’m still feeling such vibes so thats all that counts”

“Yes It’s a season but we’re just mixing different ancient systems”

“Well yes its from the end of July until mid August but we just celebrate now”

This has always been the mark of the New Age – one that doesn’t care a whit about accuracy, precision and true wisdom and instead slices off the easily palatable, dips it in cotton candy, rolls it in glitter and tosses it around until Popularity takes over.

Once the roar of popularity takes over no one cares about truth, only joining the crowd. Like a big cosmic orgy.

So has occurred with this.

This year for some reason the  inner “NO!” for this is much louder. **

Here’s why.

Times and Seasons matter.

While time IS an illusion in the way humans often handle it – it is an illusion through which the All Speaks to Itself (you).

The Celestials and Luminaries are given as means by which we can ascertain certain seasons and signs.

We can know when to plant and when to harvest

When to prune and when to let grow

These celestials and their their orientation in our PERSONAL  and individual connection can also give insight into one’s own personality,  and journey (though not imprison nor limit)

In other words-  people think that we are not given a guidebook or a users guide to living as humans and yet we are given a great deal of guidance if we are willing to use it.

Those with the capacity to read the stars/heaven-lies and interpret their meaning have always been called WISE.

Which leads us to the FALSE LIONS GATE.

This year I’m noticing more people syncing and aligning with this  than ever before. Sending up intensions for manifestations and the like.  Gathering for collective focuses.

I truly believe that most of those who are going along and even teaching this do not know better.  If you do a google search for “Lions Gate” you will most likely NOT FIND what I am saying here – which is why so many are off.

I will attempt to share the insights I’ve been given in a series of points.

  1. “Why doesn’t anyone know this isn’t the REAL Lions Gate?” Most people use Western Astrology which is far less accurate than Sidereal/Vedic Astrology.  Because of this they are nearly always astrologically incorrect.
  2. “Why does that matter?” Astrology is based on the positions of the planets – if you read those positions incorrectly it’s like attempting to navigate using longitude and latitude yet having it incorrect- where you end up will be incorrect. 

ALSO – if you aren’t aligning with the celestial forms in what IS happening what are you doing? You’re aligning instead with the COLLECTIVE EGREGORE.

  1. “But We’re all sending positive vibes/intentions etc; isn’t that all that matters?”  Yes… and NO.  Yes your intention matters- no your intention won’t turn this into the REAL Lions Gate. See above.
  2. “I don’t understand?” –  Let’s say you were invited to a Wedding.  You showed up in full regalia on a day and time far before it was scheduled. There are people there so you just attend and have a good time, you leave your gift and have a blast. Only you don’t realize that wasn’t the wedding, it was baby shower – for a completely different person. And by the time you realize it it’s too late to actually attend the wedding.  Thats an over simplified version of whats going on right now.

You are simply MOVING out of ORDER.

**A question that dropped in was “Who/What is harvesting all of this energy that everyone is sending right now?”

What is this time of 8/8 for them? This is a time of BREAKING FROM THE PAST. RELEASING

This is a time when you can really embrace the unknown as well as feel into the paradox of poison and medicine – seeing where that dividing line is and what’s showing up in your life.


Prepare for the ACTUAL LIONS GATE… coming soon 8/22/21

Supra. Omnia. Amate.

~Sri Namaste Moore

PS- I’m not a professional Astrologer, you don’t need to be to know this…just DIG.

If you don’t agree, are steadfast in your stance for this date etc; I don’t care to know about it. This is written for those who have an ear, if you do not…please carry on.

***I have no idea if this inner NO will remain every year- I just know that NOW it is coming up not just as incorrect but as FALSE. and that’s enough for me.